Instagram marshmallows might just be the gift for the person with everything

We like Instagram, we’re glad Windows Phone 8 users can now take it for a spin, joining Android and iOS users with digital retro bliss, but what if you want to eat your photos?

You probably shouldn’t print out your photos and eat the paper: it won’t taste very good, and let’s face it, the paper will be awful to chew and swallow.

But a group from the UK may have come up with an interesting idea for a holiday gift for someone who values memories, but wants something more than just a pile of photos to give.

Created by a Mint Digital, Boomf is a new service with a funny name that lets you pick the best nine pictures from your Instagram account and turn the pictures into edible art, printing the square retro photos onto taste vanilla marshmallows for around $20 Australian dollars.

Getting stuff in before Christmas isn’t likely given shipping dates have to happen before the end of this week, but it’s still possible the edible Instagrams could come in before the end of the year, making these a neat little year’s end gift.

Every box of Boomf marshmallows can have up to nine images printed on them, so you log in to Boomf, connect your Instagram account, and select the images you want printed.

Boomf hasn’t yet confirmed if they ship to Australia, citing the US, UK, Canada, and Europe as possibilities, but we were able to order some to Australia without any red flags being raised, though we’re currently checking whether this will go through.

There’s always the risk that Australian Quarantine could snap these babies up, though we can’t imagine that vanilla marshmallows would pose much of a risk to food since confectionary can be shipped into Australia.

We’re waiting to hear an official response back from Boomf whether Australia is one of the places that it will ship to, though, so if you’re at all worried, this might be an idea to wait on.