Instagram revives the digital photo frame for the retrolicious Instacube

Digital photo frames haven’t changed much over the years, and we don’t know too many people who still use them, but that could change thanks to a Kickstarter project that’s gone into full production making a delightfully retro photo frame for lovers of Instagram.

Another one of the many Instagram related extras you can find (we printed Instagram marshmallows last year), the Instacube takes the fun vintage-styled photos you normally put up on Instagram and sends them to digital photo frame designed to match them.

Photos come in over WiFi, with photos from an Instagram account able to be changed through a few simple prods, thanks to the square touchscreen being used on the Instacube.

“Photos are streamed in real-time, wirelessly and at three times the viewing size of the average smart phone. This means that photos can be enjoyed as soon as they are captured and appreciated in full scale” said Matt Campbell, Chief of Home and Consumer and Hills Limited, the company bringing in the Instacube from D2M, the company that initially created the Instacube.

Last year when D2M first had the idea, they took it to Kickstarter, where the project reached well over its $250,000 pledge minimum, grabbing just over $600,000 instead, showing that people would find a use for the Instagram-specific photo frame.

Right now, D2M is finishing up sending out finished Instacubes to people who backed it on Kickstarter, but due to an exclusive agreement with Australia’s Hills Limited, the company will be making it available to locals ahead of other countries.

“Hills is delighted that Australian users will be the first in the world to stream their favourite photos in the home,” said Campbell, adding that “Australians have embraced Instagram and the ease of editing and filtering their photos.”

In Australia, the Instacube will be made available through both the Hills website, as well as Good Guys stores across Australia, coming to shelves with a recommended retail price of $219.