New Instant device makes cold brew coffee in 20 minutes

Instant Cold Brewer Frother Station launch
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Although it just missed the Australian summer, the Instant Cold Brewer promises quick and convenient chilly drinks, no matter your beverage preferences.

With a 950mL glass jug, the device uses a technology called FlashExtract to serve cold drinks in less than 20 minutes flat. Made for brewing coffee and iced teas, the Instant Cold Brewer also tackles cocktails as part of its chilled drinks repertoire.

Inside the brewer is an infuser for your ground coffee or tea leaves, after which you simply dock the jug and press a button to start brewing. Best of all, the jug is dishwasher-safe, which is one of my favourite phrases when it comes to kitchen appliances.

Alongside the Instant Cold Brewer is the accompanying Instant Frother Station. As its name suggests, it froths your drinks, giving them a creamy barista-like texture.

Made with 9 pre-programmed settings, ranging from different temperatures and froth levels, the Instant Frother Station whisks and heats up milk or water as needed per drink. It’s the sort of thing suited to creamy hot chocolates, matcha, or any powder-based beverages improved by a good frothing.

Like the cold brewer, the frother is also dishwasher-safe, including its 500mL stainless steel pitcher, lid, and whisk. Between the two devices, you’ve got plenty of different drink types covered.

Instant Cold Brewer and Frother Station price

Out now in Australia, the Instant Cold Brewer and Instant Frother Station both cost $129 in Australia. Both are available on the Instant Brands website and online retailers like Amazon.

They add to the increasing range of Instant devices arriving on Australian shores, like the brand’s mega air fryers and Instant Pot pressure cookers that gained popularity overseas.

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