Intel at Computex 2019 – 10th generation Core processors and more

Intel at Computex 20-19
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Highlights from Intel at Computex 2019

  • 10th Gen Intel Core processors (codenamed Ice Lake) based on 10nm now shipping.
  • 10th Gen Intel Core processors with Iris Plus graphics bring broad-scale Artificial Intelligence to the PC for the first time.  With approximately 2.5X accelerated artificial intelligence (AI) performance approximately 2X graphics performance and nearly 3X faster wireless speeds these processors bring a new level of integration to power PC experiences.  
  • First specification for the Project Athena innovation program revealed; compliant 10th Gen Intel Core processor-based systems are expected by holiday 2019.
  • For gamers and enthusiasts, the new special edition 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900KS, delivering 5Ghz all-core turbo, and Intel Performance Maximizer.
  • For professionals, Intel launched 9th Gen Intel Core vPro processors, bringing Intel Core i9 to the best for business platform for the first time.

What does this mean? Gregory Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group, said in his keynote at Computex 2019,

“No one wants to compromise; people want it all: battery life, performance, responsiveness, connectivity and slick form factors. Our job is to come together as an industry and deliver incredible and differentiated PCs, purpose-built to what real people want. 10th Gen Intel Core processors – our most integrated CPU – and Project Athena are great examples of how our deep investments at a platform level will help fuel innovation across the industry,”

You can see a replay of Bryant’s keynote here.

Intel at Computex 2019

10th Gen Intel Core processors will take thin-and-light laptops and 2 in 1s to the next level

Intelligent performance: Intel’s first processors designed to enable high performance AI on the laptop, delivering approx. 2.5X AI performance with Intel DL Boost for low latency workloads. The new graphics architecture delivers up to one teraflop of vector compute for heavy duty inference workloads to enhance creativity, productivity and entertainment on highly mobile, thin-and-light laptops. For low-power AI usages on the PC, Intel Gaussian Network Accelerator (GNA) is built into the SoC.

  • A leap in graphics capabilities: New Intel Iris Plus graphics, based on the Gen11 graphics architecture, nearly doubles performance2 for stunning visual experiences. Reach pro-level content creation capabilities on the go with approx. 2X HEVC encode watch 4K HDR in a billion colours game with up to 2X faster FPS and play thousands of popular titles in 1080p.
  • Best-in-class connectivity: Delivering both integrated Thunderbolt 3 and integrated Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) for the first time to enable nearly 3X faster wireless speeds3 alongside the fastest and most versatile port available. Intel’s Gig+ implementation of Wi-Fi 6 connectivity delivers greater than 1Gbps wireless speeds with enhanced reliability and performance.

Project Athena: Accelerating the Pace of Innovation

Based on years of research to understand people’s needs, challenges and expectations of the laptop, the program prioritises enabling experiences that are reflective of real-world conditions as measured by ‘key experience indicators’ (KEI).

Intel developed the new KEI engineering metrics, used during the program’s verification process, to test and drive consistent experiences on the laptop. Metrics are based on day-in-the-life research of laptop users at home or at work under real-world conditions. Intel’s goal for the new metrics is to work with the ecosystem to drive innovation that noticeably impacts people’s experiences on the laptop and evolve those capabilities year over year. The first wave of KEI targets include:

  • Consistent responsiveness on battery
  • System wake from sleep in less than 1 second

Basically, it is looking at what we want from a future PC and working with OEMs to make it happen. More info here.

Performance for Gamers

A special edition 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900KS processor has been fine-tuned to deliver 5Ghz all-core turbo, making the world’s best gaming desktop processor even better. Available by holiday 2019.

Intel Performance Maximizer (IPM), an automated overclocking tool that brings overclocking to the masses by making it easy to dynamically and reliably custom tune unlocked 9th Gen Intel Core desktop processors.

For Enthusiasts, Content Creators and Professionals

  • The special edition Intel launched 14 new 9th Gen Intel Core vPro processors for high-performance mobile (H-series) and desktop (S-series) PCs, the highest performing business processors. Intel® Core i9 vPro processors – with up to 8 cores and 16 threads reaching up to 5GHz on desktop and up to 4.8GHz on mobile – join the best for business Intel vPro platform for the first time, delivering superior performance on demanding workloads for an exceptional business user experience, built-in security features, remote manageability and stability.
  • Intel launched 14 new Intel Xeon E processors for mobile and desktop workstations that are purpose-built with professional-grade performance, real-time data analytics capabilities, built-in platform security features, and remote manageability features as part of the Intel vPro platform. For the first time in the Intel Xeon E processors: up to 8 cores, 16 threads, 5GHz turbo frequency, Wi-Fi6 (Gig+), Optane Memory H10 and 128 GB DDR4-2666 ECC memory support.
  • Plus, Intel announced the new Intel Core X-series family of processors for premium creators will come this Fall. These processors will bring frequency improvements, increased memory speed and updated Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0.

This information has been reproduced with permission from Intel.