Intel brings Windows 8 to a stick for your TV

Computers are sure getting smaller, and while the Raspberry Pi shrinks the Linux box into a $25 small silicone business card (without a case), Intel is taking a different approach making Windows for TVs.

That approach is to build a computer on a stick for the home television, or a monitor with a spare HDMI port, with Intel taking one of its very small quad-core Atom system-on-a-chip processors and packing it in a small space.

It’s called the “Intel Compute”, and it’s not quite as small as the Google Chromecast stick from what we can tell, but it does appear to be similar to some of the small Android stick computers we’ve seen in recent years, with wireless networking built in, a small amount of on-board storage, and a microSD slot to expand this.

Technically, we suspect it will be similar to some of the hardware specifications being used in the budget tablets, but that should be enough for Windows 8.1 to load some basic apps, such as web browsing, Office with Powerpoint, social networking, and showcasing photos. You might even get a few low-end games to work.

We’re told a Linux version will also be made, though neither have been announced for release in Australia.

We’ll prod Intel on this one, because it seems like a neat product we want to see more of.