Intel builds the CPU smaller, faster, better

The next generation of computers could last all day and yet provide even more performance if Intel has anything to say, with the company showing off some new chips heading to computers and tablets in the near future.

Codenamed “Silvermont,” the new processors are based around Intel’s “System on a chip” or SoC design that we’ve seen on products using the Intel Atom technology, and will be built at the 22 nanometre level, which apparently improves energy usage and performance simultaneously.

“Silvermont is a leap forward and an entirely new technology foundation for the future that will address a broad range of products and market segments,” said Intel’s Dadi Perlmutter, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer.

“Early sampling of our 22nm SoCs, including ‘Bay Trail’ and ‘Avoton’ is already garnering positive feedback from our customers. Going forward, we will accelerate future generations of this low-power microarchitecture on a yearly cadence.”

According to Intel, the new chips require less power than current Intel Atom chips powering so many of the Windows machines we’re seeing on the market lately, and are expected to offer up to three times the current performance.

We’re told that Silvermont’s technological improvements will be spread across Intel’s other chips, too, with more models offering enhanced performances for tablets and servers later this year.