Intel previews new chips, celebrates 20 years of the Pentium processor

Just when you thought that brand spanking new computer was the cream of the crop, Intel sends word that not only is a new breed of Intel Core processor coming, but also a chip to celebrate an anniversary.

Announced this week, there’s a new chip coming, aimed at giving extreme performance across eight cores of processing power, heading our way in the second half of the year.

It will also be joined by a special edition Pentium, which is here for Intel’s not-quite-20th-anniversary of the chip. Officially, the Pentium chip turned 20 last year, since it was released in 1993, but hey, it’s 2014, so why not throw it a 21st birthday big bash?!

Intel is doing something close to that, albeit one made for a computer processor, and will be releasing a special “Anniversary Edition” of the Pentium processor that will let people who love to tweak change core and memory frequencies independently, which is something that likely won’t appeal to all but the most hardcore of computer builders.

Beyond special edition unlocked processor, Intel is previewing what it has up its sleeve for the next generation of Core processors, which should be on the way this year.

Currently codenamed “Broadwell,” the new chips will be a part of Intel’s fifth-generation Core technology and are likely to include better graphics, while the desktop versions of the 5th gen chips will also be made unlocked like the Anniversary Edition Pentium.

Release dates for the new Core processors aren’t known exactly at the moment, but there’s a good chance we’ll see them in the middle of the year, just as we have with past Intel chip updates.