Intel’s Sandy Bridge to face delays following major glitch

It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that Intel launched its new breed of Core processor, codenamed “Sandy Bridge”. Sadly, Intel has found a problem in the chipsets used with the new processors, and a recall is now likely.

While not in the processor itself, the flaw is found in the chipsets needed on the motherboard for the new Sandy Bridge technology.

When we spoke to Intel’s Mooly Eden a couple of weeks ago, he mentioned that “if one of the 1.16 billion transistors is not functional” Intel has to throw out the processor. While we’re not talking about processors, the problem is still the same when you’re talking about chipsets.

With a problem this dire, Intel is expecting to take a huge hit in the solution. Around $1 billion US dollars will have to be spent on a recall and replace, with some manufacturers delaying new computer releases for up to a month.