Internet Key E180 from 3 Mobile – adjustable for convenience and better reception

3 Mobile today launched a new Internet Key Modem to complement its extensive range of mobile broadband solutions. The new-look Internet Key E180 includes a new swivel functionality delivering style and simplicity to those wanting to access the internet on-the-go.

The Internet Key E180 has a rotatable USB connector that can be turned 270 degrees, allowing users to optimise reception and position their Internet Key for ultimate convenience.

The new slim-line Internet Key E180 is 7.2 enabled supporting typical download speeds of 600kbps – 3Mbps and uplink speeds at up to 1Mbps in 3’s Broadband Zones*. This makes the device ideal for sending emails with large attachments as well as uploading photos to popular websites such as Facebook.

Available in black, the Internet Key E180 is ‘plug and play’ for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The device also comes with a MicroSD memory card slot (8GB maximum capacity) for easy storage and transfer of files such as photos, music or documents. It is also compatible with 3’s 3G Wi-Fi Router which allows customers to share their Mobile Broadband Internet connection across their home or business.

The Internet Key E180 was awarded ‘Best Mobile Broadband Handset/Device Award’ at the Asia Mobile Awards 2008 in November 2008.

Pricing and availability

The Internet Key E180 is available for purchase at 3 Stores, 3 Dealers and the 3 website. It comes with a 2 year warranty and is $199 outright or $10 per month on either the $15 / 1GB plan or $29 / 3GB plan over 24 months and $5 per month on the $29 / 2GB, $39 / 6GB and $49 / 7GB plans over 24 months.

Source: 3 Mobile