Internet radio in your daily drive

So you’re cruising down the road and you flip through the radio stations. Nothing’s on. It’s all rubbish. This isn’t cool. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tune into internet radio, streamed from the web?

Jumping into the game before anyone else, BMW’s next iteration of the Mini plans to do just that.

The company’s next car – the Countryman – brings “Mini Connected” to your dashboard. Aside for having iPod integration, the car will also feature “web radio” so you can have internet radio streamed directly to your car. This means you could be driving down the Pacific Highway listening to reggae beamed live from Barbados, or BBC1 from the UK, or any one of the tens of thousands of online stations from around the globe.

Sadly, there aren’t any more details about how this works or what it costs. We’re half expecting a SIM card (or maybe a MicroSIM) will be required to tune in, but we’ll find out when the car is officially announced next month at the Geneva Auto Show.