Interphone finds a way to connect motorcyclists to each other, phones

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Riders looks for a way to stay connected when travelling together may now have an option outside of waving to each other, and all they need to do is attach it to the outside of the helmet.

Designed to be compatible with any motorbike helmet, the Interphone F5XT is a hands-free device geared at people who need the ultimate hands-free system when their hands are busy controlling the handlebars of a motorbike.

Like other hands-free systems out there, the F5XT will happily connect to a smartphone, making it possible for the rider to make phone calls while driving, but the F5XT also comes with the ability to connect to another F5XT unit, turning the pair into a wireless intercom system between two riders.

The range for this feature runs at around 2.4 kilometres, with up to five headsets able to be linked up to each other, making it possible to have a small group of motorcyclists keep talking while they ride on.

Battery life is rated for 12 hours of talk time and 700 of standby time, and a built-in text-to-speech function will not just aim to tell you who’s calling, but also tell you when the intercom has connected or disconnected, or if the music you’re playing through the unit connected to your helmet is paused.

If you do feel like you need to reach for something, a remote is made for the Interphone that can be attached to the handlebar, letting you control the system while your hands also control the bike. Other features in the system include voice activated dialling, GPS functionality, and a built-in FM radio.

Pricing for the Interphone F5XT comes in at $299.95 for one, $549.95 for two, or $379.95 for one with the remote and $629.95 for two with the remote, and all should be available now at motorcycle and motorcycle accessory shops.