iOS 5 changes a name: is the end nigh for the “iPod” brand?

With the latest release of Apple’s mobile operating system, users might have noticed an interesting change: the “iPod” app normally reserved for music playback has suddenly become a “music” app.

It’s not just the name that’s changed, but also the icon, switching from the graphic of an iPod Classic to that of a music note.

iOS 4's "iPod" app on the left, iOS 5's "Music" app on the right.

The change is an expected one, however, especially as Apple’s iPod lineup slowly becomes one made up of mostly touchscreen devices built in the shadow of the iPhone.

With the name and icon change, we expect rumours will now start about the remaining iPod devices losing the “iPod” moniker and instead going by the product types, such as the iPod Nano being called the “Nano” and the iPod Shuffle merely being seen as the “Shuffle”.