iOS advertising appears set to increase as Apple ramps up ad business

Apple iOS advertising
Ads are set to appear across more native iPhone apps, according to recent reports.

We might soon see more ads appear across iPhones as Apple tests an expansion of its iOS advertising ecosystem.

Respected Bloomberg technology expert Mark Gurman – who has a track record of getting the inside word on all things Apple – recently reported about the major company’s iOS advertising plans. Apple’s native Maps app is one example where ads might pop up soon based on internal testing reports. Paid search ads seem to be on the cards, where companies can bid for the top spot on popular search terms. Gurman also believes Apple Books and Apple Podcasts to be other upcoming avenues for ad placement. This comes off the back of the company seeking to more than double its current US$4 billion annual advertising revenue.

Adding context to Apple planning on expanding its advertising business is the recent change it made to device privacy settings. Last year, iOS 14.5 ushered in App Tracking Transparency, letting you limit how apps and websites could track your data on iPhone. This resulted in marketers having less personalised data, reducing their ability to target you with tailored ads. Companies like Meta have subsequently seen a drop-off in advertising revenue as a result, leaving Apple primed to pounce with its own ad services.

Already seen across the App Store, News and Stocks apps – in addition to Apple TV+ promoting Major League Baseball – ads are set to have a greater part of the iPhone ecosystem. Gurman is also quick to point out that Apple uses data across its services and your own account when presenting ads – citing the loophole that it doesn’t follow your activities across other companies in doing so.

Known as a company that champions privacy and security, Apple might face blowback from loyal users who prefer the closed system an iPhone provides. Of course, it’s becoming apparent that recent privacy-centric features weren’t implemented out of a mega-corporation’s benevolence.

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