iPad Accessory Guide: Protection

When it comes to protecting your newly minted iPad, the are loads of options available in the form of sleeves, cases, bags, skins, and covers.

The choice in skins and covers is plentiful, and either will aid in protecting the back and edges of your iPad from scratches and light knocks. Sleeves and cases provide more robust, full body protection for your valuable new plaything, with some integrating handles for greater portability. The best carriage, however, is offered by purpose-designed bags which, padded, reinforced and adjustable, combine a secure home for the iPad with greater transport comfort for you.

Above, the GadgetGuy presents a selection of sleeves, covers, skins and bags for the iPad, with each available for sale in Australia. For more information on each item, click through to the next page of our iPad Accessories guide for protecting your iPad.