iPad and iPhone 4 micro-SIM won’t be interchangeable

If you’re eyeing off that new iPhone 4 for when it arrives down under and you were thinking of using the plan you got for your new shiny iPad, Apple has some news for you.

Some eagle-eyeing of the Apple FAQ from the UK has popped up with some surprising information: iPad micro-SIMs will not be interchangeable with the next generation iPhone.

Despite the new micro-SIM format being the same across both the iPad and iPhone 4 units, the news doesn’t come as a surprise given Apple’s previous hints that the iPhone will not be able to tether to the iPad.

An email sent earlier this year from long-time Apple fan Jezper Söderlund to Apple head-honcho Steve Jobs asking if that was possible was simply met with a “no”.

With the iPhone 4 not supporting iPad micro-SIMs, users will likely have to purchase data plans for each device if they want to access the web on the go.