iPad competition heats up with the BlackBerry PlayBook


Apple and Android have a new competitor in Research In Motion’s first tablet device, a 7 inch slate named the PlayBook.


Powered by a dual-core 1GHz processor and running on the new BlackBerry Tablet OS, the PlayBook doesn’t come off looking like just another iPad clone. BlackBerry will be including support for Flash, HTML5, 1080p movies, and even high-resolution 3D gaming with support for OpenGL.
Expect video conferencing with one front-facing camera and one rear-camera provided.

Spec-wise, RIM will offer WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, DivX video support, two HD cameras with a 5 megapixel on the back and a 3 megapixel on the front (yes, that means video conferencing will be there), and HDMI for sending those videos to a big screen.
It’s not known if the tablet will come out with 3G built directly into it, but given that RIM doesn’t expect this out until the second quarter of 2011, you can probably expect it.