iPad delay and Aussie buyers

Over the world, iPad hopefuls were disappointed by the recent news that the worldwide release of Apple’s shiny new device would be delayed by a month, due to supply and demand issues. But what will this mean for consumers?

First of all, it means that phone companies will have more time to prepare data plans for the new device. The higher tier version of the iPad will feature a 3G modem for access to data outside home and Wi-Fi hotspots, which means phone companies will be able to sell pre-paid and post-paid SIM cards with only data plans, much like they do for USB wireless laptop modems. This basically means you can use the internet wherever your phone would be able to get coverage, on the massive iPad screen, for a bigger, faster and better browsing experience than offered by the iPhone.

Both Vodafone and 3 Mobile (Hutchinson) have announced they will be releasing their iPad plans around the time of the its May release, giving users dedicated plans for the iPad, so they don’t have to pay for phone service too. Other phone providers are expected to follow suit in announcing plans.

Apple has also announced they will be taking pre-orders for the iPad from 10 May, leaving customers a good two weeks to prepare for release of the new tablet. Pre-orders were widely successful in the US, allowing Apple to anticipate the demand for each store.

So expect to see Apple taking pre-orders for the iPad, and mobile phone companies to be releasing iPad plans specific to the iPad.