Get $200 off an iPhone 15 with this Black Friday deal

iphone 15 deal black friday amaysim

Less than two months after launch, you can already get an iPhone 15 deal that saves you $200. Part of this year’s Black Friday sales, it’s a pretty decent discount for a new Apple device that normally attracts a premium price tag.

There is one catch, however. To get the discount, you have to purchase the phone with an Amaysim SIM plan. Given the recent nationwide Optus outage, there’s understandable apprehension about going with a carrier that uses its network.

The good news is that the phone comes unlocked, so you can easily use your existing SIM if you want. Your cheapest option is a $30 28-day SIM plan with Amaysim, which comes with 32GB and unlimited talk and text to 28 countries – not bad value, all things considered.

It’s not a lock-in contract, either, so if you’re happy with your current plan, you can just swap back, essentially working out to be a net $170 discount on the iPhone 15. Still, nothing to be sneezed at. You can also compare the cheapest SIM plans available now to get the most savings possible.

iPhone 15 deal: $200 off at Amaysim

Without a sale, the base iPhone 15 with 128GB storage normally costs $,1499. As part of the Amaysim promotion, it’s $1,299 – a competitive price compared to other flagship phones. Need more storage? The $200 discount also applies to larger capacity models in addition to other handsets:

  • iPhone 11: $479 (was $679)
  • iPhone 13: $1,029 (was $1,229)
  • iPhone 14 (base model): $1,199 (was $1,399)
  • iPhone 15 (base model): $1,299 (was $1,499)
  • Optus X-Lite: $29 (was $59)
  • Optus X-Sight 2: $49 (was $99)
  • Samsung A13 4G: $150 (was $329)

These are all on sale now via Amaysim’s website, and we’ve also rounded up the brand’s discounted SIM plans in our Black Friday coverage.

As mentioned in our iPhone 15 review, the move to USB-C charging is a welcome one, alongside multiple performance enhancements. It’s not a huge upgrade over the previous generation but is a great step up if you haven’t upgraded for a while.

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