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The iPhone 3G S was only announced early this morning (Australian time) in San Francisco, and at the time of initial writing of this story there was scant local details to be had.

So I’ll be adding details as they come to hand, and continue to update the details here – costs, capabilities peculiar to particular carriers, etc – check back in here and see what’s happening in iPhone 3GS land.


According to sources at Apple Australia, Optus will carry the iPhone 3GS, and at launch will will offer internet tethering and MMS capabilities.

Optus don’t have a dedicated iPhone 3GS pre-registration page, instead they are directing people to

Update: June 19 – Optus have released details of their plans for allowing users to tether – that is use the iPhone 3G S as a modem for your computer – the iPhone 3GS:

“From Monday 22 June Optus Post-Paid customers can use their Apple iPhone as a modem to connect to the Internet via a laptop or PC using Bluetooth or USB connection (tethered modem).

To access the internet tethering feature, Post-Paid Optus customers will need to add either a $9.99 ‘iPhone as Modem Access’ or ‘Bus iPhone as Modem Access’ pack. This will unlock the internet tethering feature and allow customers to use their iPhone plans included data for internet browsing from both the handset or via a computer and, for additional data allowances.”.

Please note, tethering is not available to Optus pre-paid customers.

Update: June 22 – Here it is, the first release of any telco’s pricing structure for the new iPhone 3GS:

Optus pricing table for the iPhone 3G S

Update: June 25 – Optus has confirmed they will be opening the following flagship stores at midnight on the 25th June (i.e. Midnight this Thursday):

  • George St, Sydney
  • Bourke St, Melbourne
  • Queen St, Brisbane


Again, according to Apple, will carry the iPhone 3G S, and offer MMS capabilities at launch.

No information yet on whether the phone will be able to take advantage of the Next G network and its larger network and ‘potential’ full speed of 21Mbps.

Update: June 25 – Well, very late in the day on the day before they start selling the iPhone 3GS, Telstra have published their pricing plans. Pages of them in fact! Safe to say, if you want an iPhone on Telstra, you’ll be paying for the additional coverage and speed of the Telstra network.Visit the Telstra iPhone 3GS prices and plans page (this link will opne in a new window). to decipher all the numbers.