iPhone 5S so soon? (iRumours start for 2013)

While the Consumer Electronics Show will no doubt take the spotlight for technological and gadget-based news next week, a few rumours are already grabbing attention, with suggestions and news about the next iPhone, due to appear later this year.

One rumour is pointing to the iPhone 5S being the next model of iPhone for Apple to release, which is hardly a surprise given that the Cupertino company released the 4S after the 4 instead of the 5 straight away.

This rumour suggests that the next model might eschew the simple black and white – sorry, silver and white – colour options put forth by previous iPhones, and instead go for one that’s a little more playful, and closer to that of the new Windows Phones being released by both Nokia and HTC.

Apple already has devices in a similar design with a few colours already: the iPod Touch, which, in its most recent iteration, features the iPhone 5’s screen, but is primarily a media and app player with iOS 6, without a phone element.

Another rumour suggests a bigger screen is also in the pipeline, although prior experience suggests Apple wouldn’t make a jump to a different screen size unless the model number changed completely, such as an iPhone 6.

Reported at MacRumours, one analyst is suggesting that Apple could have multiple screen sizes across its iPhone range, similar to how Android handsets have multiple screen options, such as Motorola’s choice of 4.7 inch on the RAZR HD and 4.3 inch on the RAZR M, which are different devices even though the phones share similar insides.

As with all rumours, its best to take these with a grain of salt. One thing you can be sure of, though, is that another iPhone is coming this year, so that sparkling iPhone 5 you just bought may not be top dog for long.