iPhone 6 cases aplenty on the way, many should be available on launch day

New phones mean new cases, so here’s an accessory round-up from the few manufacturers that have reached out and said hi.

As usual, there’s the typical bunch of manufacturers, though there aren’t many pictures to speak of, mostly because everyone was waiting for Apple to confirm the specs, size, and shape before committing their production and manufacturing facilities to making the things.

But we do have some to show, so here’s what you can look forward to decorating the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with when these bad boys come out next week on September 19.

First up is old trusty Belkin, and while it normally has plenty of cases to show us, its initial offering is mostly geared at those keen on getting fit while they go off running with their shiny new iPhone attached to their arms.

As such, its Sport Fit and Slim Fit bands will be sold, with several types of screen protectors, one of which is made from flexible glass (TrueClear InvisiGlass). The company will have several phone cases and folios coming up, but will announce them shortly.

Spigen (above) is next, with screen protectors for both sizes, basic cases, armour, and even one of those wallet cases for you to store your cards with your new iPhone.

Meanwhile, Incipio (below) will have a few options to protect and make pretty (prettier?) that iPhone 6, with the Stowaway case with a place for a spare credit or ID card as well as a stand for the phone, Highland for a similar option but with a cover for the phone, and the basics catered for with the Edge Chrome for style and the Octane for impact absorption.

Australia’s STM Bags will have some cases along shortly for both devices, though there’s nothing to speak of right now, while another Australian case and accessory maker Cygnett (below) chimed in with news and photos of its WorkMate, UrbanShield, AeroGrip, and Urban Wallet cases, as well as two screen protectors which should be in stores just in time for the release.

Cygnett's Urban Shield and Urban Wallet

Moshi has stuff coming as well, though there’s no word on the exact products, which is the same with water resistant phone case maker Life, which has nothing to report on just yet, but the same can’t be said of Otter Box.

If you haven’t heard of the brand before, Otter Box (below)offers up rugged and highly resistant cases, and that will be continuing for the iPhone 6, with the Defender providing a triple layer case with build in screen protector and a way to keep using the fingerprint sensor of Apple’s Touch ID home button.

Otter Box will have other cases as well, including regular protection with the Commuter and Symmetry cases, as well as screen protectors, too.

Even RedBubble will be offering iPhone 6 cases, with the custom art and hobbyist site providing a couple of examples of iPhone 6 cases ready to ship next week.

We’re checking to see if the service will let anyone upload custom designs and photos to produce their own cases, but for now, we have a couple of examples from artist Beth Thompson (above) on RedBubble.

Finally, there’s Apple, good ‘ol Apple, and the creator of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will unsurprisingly have its own accessories, with a silicone case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and a leather case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases will be made available in silicone (left) and leather (right).

That’s kind of it, and while we’re sure Apple would love it if you bundled in headphones or docks into the mix, the offerings from Apple are kind of barebones and basic, but hey, if that’s what you’re into, more power to you.