iPhones go (PRODUCT)RED for Charity

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Apple has released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as Special Edition models with red aluminium cases to celebrate its ten years of working with (RED), a way of contributing to the Global Fund for fighting HIV/AIDS. Over the past decade Apple has contributed $US130 million to the (RED) organisation.

The Global Fund supports anti-AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa. One hundred per cent of contributions to (RED) go to the Global Fund.

We’ve previously mentioned how Apple is providing support for (RED) in its fight against HIV/AIDS thanks to the (PRODUCT)RED branding. Apple provides a proportion of the purchase price for those branded products. With iPhones being such big sellers, I’d guess this will mark a sizable contribution to the good work.

Of course, iPhone buyers will typically be purchasing them for their own reasons, but given the fact that the pricing is the same, why not go (PRODUCT)RED. Not only will your money help, it’ll inevitably act as a conversation starter when people remark on the distinctive colour scheme of your iPhone.

The phones are much the same as the standard models except, of course, for the red aluminium finish, plus the minimum storage sizes. There are no 32GB models with this branding. Prices are the same, too, starting $1229 for the 128GB iPhone 7, and $1419 for the 128GB iPhone 7 Plus. The 256GB models are also available.

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Apple slipped another interesting announcement into the (RED) press release as a single dot point. The iPhone SE is being upgraded from the current 16GB and 64GB models to 32GB and 128GB, for no additional cost. Nice deal!