iPod, I fly


By Scott Fitzgerald

Suitcase? Check. Airline ticket? Check. Passport? Check. Not too maxed-out army of credit cards? Check. Suntan lotion? Check. Bad airport novel? Check. Tunes? Hmmm, should I pack my Apple iPod, my iPod Nano, or my iPod Shuffle?

iPod connectivity has hit our home stereos, our TVs, our cars, and now it has taken to the skies. Apple has teamed up with Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United to offer passengers seats with iPod connections, which will power and charge the player, and allow video content from the iPod to be displayed on the seat back displays.

The six airlines will begin this service in mid 2007. Apple is also working with Panasonic Avionics Corporation to bring iPod connectivity to more airlines in the future.