iPrimus and TiVo sign unmetered content deal

iPrimus announced today that it has signed an agreement with Hybrid Television Services (ANZ) Pty Limited, the exclusive licence holder for TiVo in Australia and New Zealand, to offer unmetering to TiVo media devices owned by iPrimus customers. This includes downloads of video content as well as services (like weather and games), software updates and electronic program guide data that are also delivered over the internet.

iPrimus General Manager, Marketing & Products, Andrew Sims said: “Our customers do not need to pay twice for a movie experience on a TiVo – now they can purchase a movie download on a TiVo media device confident that the movie size will not impact their monthly data allowance. This means our customers can use their broadband data allowance for other internet activities without their TiVo usage counting towards their plan’s allowance.

“Over the coming months we will also be retailing TiVo devices to our customers, as well as providing new customers with an option to purchase a TiVo in a bundle which includes an outstanding internet service and of course unmetering to the TiVo is part of the deal. This means that customers can spread the cost of the TiVo across their internet plan,” Sims said.

From June, current iPrimus broadband customers will enjoy unmetered access to content and services on the TiVo device.

iPrimus CEO, Ravi Bhatia said: “We are truly excited to be working with Hybrid TV in providing our customers with quality content-driven broadband services. Our high speed broadband network is ideally suited for fast delivery of content like popular movies on TiVo – at arguably the best prices in Australia today. This is just another example of our pro-activity to meet the changing demands of our customers.”

Robbee Minicola, CEO of Hybrid TV commented: “To have an internet service provider of the calibre of iPrimus join us in providing Australians with the freedom to download content and services into their TiVo without any penalty or impact on monthly download quotas is simply outstanding.

“We know that the switch from analogue to digital TV has many people looking for the right investment to upgrade their old telly. With a TiVo media device delivering all of the Freeview channels in both standard and high definition as well as the ability to download movies and access to services and games – a TiVo becomes far more compelling than your average DVR or even pay TV.”

TiVo joins the growing list of content iPrimus has added to its unmetered data offering over the last six months, which includes the ABC iView service, Lingo, the iPrimus VoIP service and the iPrimus download mirror, with more to be announced over the coming months.