iRobot cleans up, five years on


Five years after iRobot first launched its vacuum cleaning robots comes the 500 series that allows users to program their cleaning schedules, offers one touch operation and iRobot?s AWARE robot intelligence systems. AWARE uses dozens of sensors to monitor Roomba?s environment, and adjusts Roomba?s behavior up to 67 times per second.

This robotic vac detects which floor surface it?s cleaning and adjusts its cleaning process? great for homes that blend hard floors with carpet, linoleum or rugs.

Roomba knows when it?s approaching stairs and other drop-offs too, cleaning up to the edge and automatically changing direction to avoid going over edges.

When it detects dirtier areas it increases its intensity and cleaning pattern and manoeuvres over cords and extracts itself from fringes or tassles.

It?s expected in Australia by around October.