Is HTC Watch being killed in Australia?

We can’t say we’re at all surprised, but it looks like the canning of HTC’s video rental service might be meeting its end not just in New Zealand, but also Australia too. Sad face.

The last time we checked out HTC’s Watch, it was in May when word was coming that our friends across the creek in New Zealand were having it shut off on them, as well as Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands.

At the time, HTC didn’t make mention if Watch would suffer the same fate locally, but an email to GadgetGuy might suggest this is now happening here:

“Dear Customer,

As a user of the HTC Watch service we would like to notify you that the store will no longer be available from 31st August.

Up until this date, you will still be able to purchase movies from the HTC Watch store as normal.

Don’t worry, this does not affect any of the movies that you’ve already purchased, you will still be able to access your library and re-download them.

We thank you for being a HTC Watch customer, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We will stay in touch with updates about our future digital services.

Many thanks,

The HTC Watch Team”

We’re checking with HTC’s local people to find out whether this is solid, but seen as it was sent out by HTC to us, we’d say it’s highly likely that it’s legit.

Guess that leaves most of those video downloads to Google.