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Because users now spend 11 hours plus a day in front of screens we now have low blue light settings, our B+I (Brightness and Intelligence) auto settings, flicker-free and more eye care features that are becoming purchasing drivers.

GG: IS HDR on a monitor as good as a big screen TV?

Yes and no. On some BenQ monitors there are two modes – HDR TV (HDR10 compatible movies and games) and BenQ Cinema HDR (emulation). The latter is smoother and a little subtler than the HDR TV mode that is better for animation and games.

And some of our monitors now support resolution upscaling as well.

More and more screens will need to be VESA certified displays and you will see DisplayHDR 400 (pretty much the limit of a 1080p monitor), 500, 600 and 1000 (for 4K, 10-bit colour) as well as a new true black category primarily for OLED screens. We will also see more monitors achieving closer to 100% DCI-P3 movie colour gamuts.

And Benq has become the first display manufacturer in the world to become ‘Verified by CalMAN’.   That means true, accurate colours and gamut measurements.

Is the end of big screen TV in sight

No. Nothing beats 55 or 65″+ in the proper setting with a good soundbar or system, a beer and a comfy chair.

But go back five years and try to predict the impact of streaming and portable devices on TV. You probably would not have seen what is happening now. Technology, unlimited NBN data, higher resolution devices with more processing power and storage all make content consumption so much easier.

A larger 4K multi-function monitor makes so much more sense in an apartment or bedroom.