Is your data for sale on the dark web? Here’s how to check

ID Security Transcript:

We’ve all heard about the dark web. That’s a hidden part of the internet you can’t get to with Google. People use it to share – or sell – all kinds of illicit products and data, including stolen passwords, email addresses, credit card numbers and other personal information.

ID Security from Trend Micro can help you find out if your personal data has been stolen and shared on the dark web.

Let’s take a closer look at this clever technology.

ID Security is an app for iPhone and Android devices that searches websites, message boards and forums on the dark web for your personal information. 

Enter an email address, password or credit card number into the app, and it will report almost instantly whether the information has been found.

If it is, you should update your passwords, switch on 2-factor authentication, or notify your credit company. If not, you can rest easy.

These features are free in the app, but subscribing lets you to check for your bank account codes, tax file, passport and driver licence numbers. 

You can also have ID Security continually monitor the dark web and alert you if any of your information has been posted.

The ID Security app is impressive, not just for how it probes so deeply into cyber-criminal territory, but for the crucial early warning it can provide against identity theft and financial loss. 

ID Security features are also included in Trend Micro’s Security Suite.

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