It’s not a packet of lifesavers, it’s the new iPod Shuffle range


By Scott Fitzgerald

Apple has begun the year in a blaze of colour, with the iPod Shuffle now on sale in 5 colours: the original silver, plus blue, pink, green and orange.

The storage size is the same, you still get 1 gigabyte to fill, which should get you somewhere in the region of 240 songs, all in a 14 gram, 8 cubic centimetre compact package.

The RRP for the Shuffle is $119, so for 2 $50 dollar bills and a $20 you get the Shuffle itself, the Shuffle dock, earbud headphones, and a dollar to head to the service station and buy some $1 sunnies (you may have to haggle a bit) to help deal with the new brightness in your life.