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It says Apple’s new plan to approve some larger repairers is more a PR gesture than an attempt to solve the issue. It continues to encourage a repair ‘monoculture’ that stifles competition, job creation, and innovation in the repair space.

Article author Whiton Gordon concludes, “We need more than this. We need comprehensive Right-to-Repair laws to require Apple and other manufacturers to make parts widely available, just like they are for our cars and appliances. Nobody should be threatened by lawyers or denied access to parts for the simple act of trying to fix their own stuff.”

ITy Bytes 1 April

Apple AirPod 2 teardown – still very expensive and very disposable

iFixit has done the obligatory search and destroy – the latter is particularly relevant in AirPod. It says they’re still destined for the e-waste bin in a short time, leaving us feeling like Apple upgraded the wrong thing. Overall, these US$200 headphones are some of the most disposable products we’ve ever seen.

The full teardown is here and iFixit recommends the Samsung Galaxy Buds as they are repairable and the battery is replaceable.

ITy Bytes 1 April

Apple AirPower goes sour

In 2017 Apple proudly unveiled plans for the mother of all charging mats – the Qi-based AirPower with, of course, the obligatory iOS charge app. In 2019 it has been canned, and one of my favourite sayings comes to mind, “Vision without execution is a hallucination.

Makes me wonder a) what drugs Tim and his design powerhouse were on and b) it’s not that hard to make a Qi-certified charge mat that puts out a measly, crippled 7W.

Well according to Apple it is. “After much effort, we’ve concluded AirPower will not achieve our high standards, and we have cancelled the project,” said Dan Riccio, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, in a statement.

Did I just see a jumbo-powered pig fly past the window? Note to other QI manufacturers – congratulations on making certified Qi chargers that do meet high standards, and now you can reduce prices to where they should be – not what Apple thinks it can charge.

JBL Live headphone series here

JBL, A Harman company (Samsung) has released the JBL Live 400BT (on-ear) and JBL Live 650BTNC (over the ear and active noise cancelling). Both feature JBL signature sound (warm and sweet), Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, 24/30 (NC) hours play on BT, speedcharge, Ambient Aware and TalkThru, Multi-point Bluetooth,  and Comfort-Fit, on-ear design with aluminium finish.

JBL Live 400BT – $149.95 (Website here)

JBL Live 650BTNC – $249.95 (Website here)

 Marcus Fry, Brand Activation Director of JBL AUNZ at HARMAN, said

“The JBL LIVE Series will disrupt the headphones market. With a massive line of different devices that carry the best features, we have to offer, this new generation of headphones still maintain an affordable price point across the board. We can’t wait to introduce this series to our customers and watch their one-of-a-kind music experience with JBL Signature Sound.” 

ITy Bytes 1 April

Nat Geo new look App with Optus and exclusive app-only content series, Only in Oz

National Geographic has launched its new-look app in partnership with Optus, providing users with a personalised content experience that offers live streaming channels, an immense photo library, digital articles, National Geographic magazine archives and over 3,000 captivating short-form videos and documentaries, including new content produced with Optus exclusively for the app.

The app launches with 10 ‘Only in Oz episodes’, each 8-10 minutes in length, that cover the diverse extremities of Australia; from East to West to top end territory

Free for eligible Optus customers until June 2020 or $9.90 per month for everyone else.

ITy Bytes 1 April

Alcatel and Rabbitohs launch competition

Alcatel, part of the TCL Group, has announced the launch of its ‘Try For A Million’ promotion. It gives fans at each of the South Sydney Rabbitohs home games the chance to win one million dollars. The promotion challenges fans to predict the exact score and sequence of scoring by specific players, which can be entered before each home game here.