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The promotion is for the first 5000 entrants for each of South Sydney’s 12 home games of the season and will premiere at this Sunday’s match against the Gold Coast Titans, with each person only allowed one entry. Full terms and conditions are available via the website.

ITy Bytes 1 April

Fing Box is terrific for badgering you Internet Service Provider

Readers will know of my trials and tribulations with Telstra/NBN.  Read part II –We agree to disagree.  

The two images below show what Telstra NBN should be (left) and what it is (right). Indisputable evidence although according to Telstra, NBN does not think so. In March, Fing Box reported a total downtime of 47 minutes. But that excludes the time on 4G LTE Fail-over when it kicks in (takes about 2 minutes now on Telstra Gen 2 modem), and with the non-speed it provides (bottom image) is useless as a condom with a hole in it.

ITy Bytes 1 April
ITy Bytes 1 April

Fing has now added Google Assistant so you can swear at Telstra – sorry interrogate it. It will give you stats, who has breached the digital fence, internet performance and parental control.

It also now has an IFTTT connection to help with smart home integration. We will explore that soon.

It has also introduced user ratings of ISPs and real Broadband speeds. Australia and Telstra did not even make the top 20. This is an accurate real-world test – not a panel. Its users now rate Telstra three-out-of-five with a continuing downward trend (it was 3.5-out-of-5 last month). Telstra worldwide has a global speed score in the bottom 32% of suppliers.

ITy Bytes 1 April

Fing Box is one device GadgetGuy cannot live without.

Huawei smart eyewear portends further wearables products

At the P30 and P30 Pro launch in Paris, it featured a smart, if not an oversized set of smart glasses.

ITy Bytes 1 April

The device has been developed in partnership with international eyewear fashion company and Korean pop culture influencer Gentle Monster.

ITy Bytes 1 April

You can read more at its Twitter site

It also released two new versions of its well-accepted Watch GT – the Elegant and Active Editions. Yes, these are digital faces, and yes, that is a great imitation of mother of pearl on the left.

ITy Bytes 1 April

Microsoft pensions off Cortana (chatbot) in Skype and substitutes Alexa

Come 30 April, the five people who used Cortana (chatbot) in Skype will have to swap to Amazon Alexa Chatbot (and be bombarded with advertisements for whatever they talk about over Skype).

Cortana was added to Skype in 2014, mainly to allow voice-activated calling. Latter canny Skype users found she could find information from her mate Bing and even set up fairly complicated conference calls.

Microsoft (at least in the US) is offering 200 free minutes of communication to users who link their Skype and Amazon accounts.

Note I refuse to use Alexa on my PC – I actually don’t mind Cortana. But being both a techy an Android convert, I now can (not officially and not for the average user) run Google Assistant on my PC.  

ITy Bytes 1 April