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ITy Bytes 10 May

You can read the rest of the Note10 rumours here.

Windows to allow Android phone notifications on the desktop – and you can answer them too

Coming soon (it is on Windows Insider now) is an upgrade to ‘Your Phone’ that will allow a paired Android smartphone to display notifications (of your choosing) on the Windows Desktop. Although not functional yet you will be able to respond to without accessing your phone.

And in the ‘interesting’ category Microsoft will separate Windows 10 feature updates from security updates. Users can easily disable feature updates if they are concerned about older system instability.

This is yet another sign that CEO Satya Nadella is smarter than the average CEO and has been the driving force in Microsoft’s return to cool as the third US$1 trillion cap company and stay there.

UK to legislate to make IoT home devices safer out of the box

The UK is legislating cybersecurity by design for IoT devices that are incredibly easy to hack, compromise home networks or make them part of a DDOS botnet.

Of course, that does not address the millions of devices already in use so please read GadgetGuy’s Five steps to secure your IoT network.

One of the first issues is that there must be no default admin password like admin/admin. Each device must have a pre-set unique device password that is not resettable to a ‘factory default’. That could cause issues if you forget the password, but it should be printed on the device.

Next, Manufacturers must commit to a minimum time that that device receives firmware and security updates.

New devices must carry a security label to show compliance although this is voluntary at present.

ITy Bytes 10 May

In February, ETSI (European Standards Organisation) Iaunched Technical Specification 103 645, the first globally-applicable industry standard on the cybersecurity of Internet-connected consumer devices. TS 103 645 builds on the Code of Practice for Consumer IoT Security for wider European and global needs. Cybersecurity Tech Accord signatories endorsed the ETSI TS 103 645 in March 2019.

ETSI standards cover 13 issues. We all need to do more to secure IoT which includes routers, security systems (cameras, doorbells, locks), home appliances, climate control, environment monitors, lighting, smart plugs and more. The UK (and California) laws are a great start but go nowhere near far enough.