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No more trash talk on Xbox -– about f*&^%n time!

Microsoft has released its Community Standards for Xbox that will help keep the Xbox community safer. It also outlines strong punitive measures for problematic behaviour including restrictions placed on your profile.

Recidivists may have their profile permanently suspended if Microsoft can no longer trust it due to a severe violation or attempts to correct repeated negative behaviours are unsuccessful. Under permanent suspension, the owner of the suspended profile forfeits all licenses for games and other content, Gold membership time, and Microsoft account balances.

This is a great move to remove gutter talk and to make gaming safe and fun for all.

ITy Bytes 13 May

Microsoft tackles IoT compatibility with plug and play

Microsoft has announced that it will try to bring plug and play to IoT devices that connect to Windows systems (and others) by setting up the Azure IoT Device catalogue. Plug and Play also offers developers an open modelling language to connect devices to the cloud without having to write code.

Plug and Play has been hugely successful in the computer peripherals world, and the idea is that manufacturers place their drivers in the Azure cloud to allow seamless connection and configuration. So far 1280 devices are on its register.

ITy Bytes 13 May
If this move works it will be very good for IoT takeup

It’s early days but Android is expected to support the move making this a significant open source step forward in configuring and security IoT devices.

Android Q uses gestures too. What does Q mean?

Android Pie had rudimentary gestures in addition to its typical one button, or three buttons. We are not sure of all the new gestures in Q, but one is swipe diagonally to launch Google Assistant. Going home is a swipe either from the left or right edge and switching apps is a swipe up.

And what name can we expect for Android Q?

Google uses sweets or deserts – Kit Kat, Oreo etc. Q is a little harder because the only two Q sweets include

  • Queijadinha/Queijada/Quindim – a sweet made in Portugal from grated coconut and cheese, sweetened condensed milk, sugar, butter and egg yolks.
  • Qottab – Iranian deep-fried pasty with Almonds and Walnuts and sugar

The only other Q words that come to mind are Quik (chocolate drink), Quality Street (brand – not likely), Quaker Oats or Quaker Quisp (brand – not likely), Queen of Puddings (to Brit), Quince/Quiddany (as in Quince Paste or Quince Jelly), Quinoa, Quail, Quesadilla and Quiche.

There is a suggestion it may be another famous Q. Either James Bond’s Q Quartermaster or that annoying so-called Q-continuum god in Star Trek.

And believe it or not, there is only one colour – Quartz.

ITy Bytes 13 May

My money is on Quik (from Nestle) or Quackers (as we have a duck family living under the jetty).