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ITy Bytes 18 July – in this edition

  • Is 5G just marketing hype?
  • Check Point finds a major vulnerability in EA Origin Gaming
  • Sony Alpha Awards open to 31 August
  • OPPO exposes under glass selfie camera
  • OPTUS craptus over NBN disconnection claims
  • Brother goes ZINC (Zero-ink) for its new colour label printer

ITy Bytes 18 July is brief curated bews

ITy Bytes 19 July

Is 5G just marketing hype?

GadgetGuy thinks so as we have not been able to get a reliable 5G signal yet – and we have tried.

Respected Australian analyst firm Telsyte’s Alvin Lee says “Australia is at the very beginning of 5G, but when 5G becomes the standard, consumers won’t be able to look back.”

Although as we have said 5Gs real impact is a) not about a 5G smartphone but b) what wonderful new tech it enables.

Telstye says four years from now that 5G will be standard replacing 4G handsets entirely. We agree as we have already had a hint of the 2020 models from many brands that will have 5G models at almost the same prices as 2019 4G ones.

ITy Bytes 18 July

At present 5G access needs a Telstra account/sim to use it.

Check Point finds a major vulnerability in EA Origin Gaming

Check Point Software, a global cybersecurity solutions provider and CyberInt, a leading cybersecurity provider of managed threat detection and mitigation have identified a chain of vulnerabilities in the Origin gaming client developed by Electronic Arts (EA). Once exploited, the vulnerabilities could have exposed more than 300 million EA gamers globally to account takeover and identity theft.

The vulnerability, now closed, could have allowed a threat actor to hijack a player’s session, resulting in account compromise and takeover. “Protecting our players is our priority,” said Adrian Stone, Senior Director, Game and Platform Security at Electronic Arts.

The vulnerabilities found in EA’s platform did not require the user to hand over any login details whatsoever.

Instead, it took advantage of abandoned subdomains and EA Games’ use of authentication tokens in conjunction with the OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO) and TRUST mechanism built into EA Game’s user login process.

Check Point and CyberInt strongly advise users to enable two-factor authentication and only use the official website when downloading or purchasing games. Parents should create awareness among their children around the threat of online fraud, that cybercriminals will do anything to gain access to personal and financial details, which may be held as part of a gamer’s online account. Check Point and CyberInt encourage gamers always to be vigilant when receiving links sent from unknown sources.

Sony Alpha Awards open to 31 August

The Sony Alpha Awards bring together the greatest images from across Australia and New Zealand, captured on Sony Alpha cameras and lenses. The Awards help drive creativity, reward professionals and enthusiasts alike and provide a platform to showcase the very best Alpha Photography work.

ITy Bytes 18 July

 Key dates

●      31st August 2019 – entries for the Alpha Awards close