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ITy Bytes 29 March is the important news that did not warrant a full article.

New 3D imagery of central Sydney on Google Earth.

Google Earth is one of the most comprehensive 3D maps available – and we now have a more complete picture of this iconic Aussie city. Explore landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and popular tourist spots Darling Harbour and The Rocks, or simply take our guided tour, Explore Sydney. You can read more in the blog post here.

ITy Bytes 29 March

Samsung develops 8Gb 10nm DDR4 DRAM chip

It is double the capacity and fits into the space taken by a 4Gb chip. It has been hard to fit more than 16GB on a standard DDR4 DIMM and in theory this will allow 64GB. Two of these will utilise the memory capacity of Intel’s new Core i9 chips.

Samsung says it is also preparing to transition to the next-generation DRAM interfaces such as DDR5, LPDDR5 and GDDR6.

ITy Bytes 29 March

ASUS Live Update Utility with ShadowHammer infects its Windows devices

Kaspersky Labs have found the ASUS Live Update Utility was modified by cybercriminals to deliver a little more than BIOS, UEFI, and software updates.

Kaspersky says it has detected more than 57,000 infections due to new technology in its security software. It estimates that more than 1 million devices may be infected.

The cybercriminals were not interested in all of them 0 they targeted only 600 specific MAC addresses, for which the hashes were hardcoded into different versions of the utility. To check if your MAC address is on the target list, use its tool here.

ASUS has closed the ‘supply-chain’ loophole that’s allowed cybercriminals to inject the malicious code into the update utility. The latest ASUS Live Update utility is not infected.

Supply chain ShadowHanner is not new

Popular free disk/registry cleaner CCleaner from Piriform was infected and downloaded more than two billion times.

While the source code was clean, the compiled builds contained malware that later was used for the attack. This was done by altering the compiler library, and the infected software has a legitimate Piriform digital signature. This attack was directed to IP addresses of high-profile tech companies and IT suppliers.

Kaspersky ventures Chinese-speaking cybercriminals were behind that attack and were after company trade secrets.

The company says its Threat Hunting technology can detect ShadowHammer and other nasties in the network.

ITy Bytes 29 March

Western Digital San Disk Extreme 1TB UHS 3 microSD card

Well now you can get a 1TB microSD card as long as your device supports it. Most recent Windows PCs do and some of the latest smartphones, drones and cameras do. It will record at up to 90MBps and read at up to 160MBps, It also includes Rescue Pro software. Perf3ect for video and continuous burst.

Cost $799 for 1TB and $349 for 512GB