ITy Bytes 29 March

Monitor market growing

The Australian PC monitor market grew at 10.4% in 2018 due to the rapid uptake of dual monitor setups in business and high specified and priced gaming monitors. The impact of 4K and USB-C interface monitors was beginning to show later in the year.

ITy Bytes 29 March

Dell leads the way, HP is #2, Acer #3, Lenovo #4 and Samsung at #5.

Average selling price is $300 which indicates a preponderance or smaller 24” monitors.

PC Market slows after good growth

The Australian PC market for the 2018 calendar year saw commercial devices grow 9.2% (probably due to tax depreciation incentives) while consumer devices shrank -3.0%. “Competition from mobile devices, the slow pace of innovation and improvement in mainstream PC devices, and a disappointing gaming graphics hardware refresh cycle are all contributing to the extended life span of the consumer PC device”, says Sean Ashari, Market Analyst at IDC Australia.

But in good news the average selling price took a big upswing reflecting the impact of the declining Aussie dollar and of new models and processors.

ITy Bytes 29 March

New Zealand ISPs block 4chan, 8chan and LiveLeak

Spark NZ, Vodaphone NZ and Vocus NZ ISPs acted quickly to block 4chan, 8chan and LiveLeak in New Zealand following the mass shooting.

8chan, the platform where the shooter originally drafted and published his manifesto and the other sites are known for their lax policies regarding the sharing of explicit and disturbing content.

While blocking these sites stops casual users finding or accessing content, determined users have circumvented the block using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

It is great that ISPs are taking responsibility to block hateful online content. This incident has also drawn attention to the extreme content shared around 4chan, 8chan and LiveLeak, suggesting further action should be taken to moderate what can be posted there.

Australia and New Zealand need to look more closely at this loophole that allows users to download illegal content, stream and pirate copyright content in obscurity.

Meet Poly – and it wants more than a passing cracker!

Plantronics + Polycom have relaunched as Polly – to focus on driving the power of many.

Poly, meaning “many” takes the audio and video expertise of Plantronics and Polycom and its breadth of smart endpoints that connect across and between unified communications platforms to transform the modern workplace.

Peter Petrides, Director of Consumer, APAC said, “We look forward to combining both Plantronics’ legacy of wireless, Bluetooth, voice and audio products and Polycom’s expertise in video and unified communications to ensure we provide our customers with superior sound experiences.”

ITy Bytes 29 March

Huawei launches Porsche Design Mate 20 RS

If you have a spare $2599 pop into Lecia Stores, JB Hi-Fi online or Mobicity and drool over the Porsche Design Mate 20 RS. It has a 6.39-inch 3120 x 1440 OLED screen, 8/256GB, Mate 20 Pro enhanced camera, 40W Super Charge 2.0 and looks damned sexy.

ITy Bytes 29 March

Apple updates AirPods