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ITy Bytes 11 April

Dominos adds Google Assistant ordering – Hey Google what Pizza do I want?

Domino’s is proud to be the only quick-service restaurant in Australia to use voice technology, like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, for online ordering.

“Our online orders regularly exceed 70 per cent of sales, with more than two million pizzas and sides ordered online each week – so it’s important that we continue to innovate in this space,” Domino’s Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer Michael Gillespie said.

“Now if our customers are entertaining guests or watching a movie at home, they can simply ask their Google Assistant to place their saved order with Domino’s and sit back and relax until the order arrives. Or if they are wondering where their order is, they can simply ask their Google Assistant for a status update.”

ITy Bytes 11 April

Google adds events to Search

Whether it’s Easter shows, art exhibitions or concerts, Google is making it even easier to find events in Search. 

Now when you search on your phone for things like “events near me” or “free concert,” new features will give Aussies personal recommendations, along with more information about events that may interest you. Whether you’re in Sydney, Hobart or Darwin, you’ll find a list of events from a variety of sites, including Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, Timeout, Concrete Playground – and also key information about the event, right on Search.

While browsing events, you can tap the “For You” tab to get personalised ideas for things to do near you. You’ll also see trending and popular events in your area to keep you in the loop on the hottest happenings.

ITy Bytes 11 April

Samsung Pay update makes Opal easier

Samsung Pay is updating its software to access selected Opal services without having to wake or unlock their Samsung Phone.

The tech within this update will enable people to tap their phone just as they would a credit/debit card – even if the phone is locked or they’re in the middle of a call or listening to music. The new ‘always available’ feature is available with the next Samsung Pay software update.

Australians will be one of the first in the world to use the feature, with the update being developed specifically for the Opal system in NSW, building on the contactless payment system rolled out by Transport for New South Wales.

Mark Hodgson, head of Samsung Pay in Australia, said: “Samsung is investing in delivering cutting-edge solutions for Samsung Pay to help provide customers with maximum convenience and security for their mobile wallet. As a first step, we are rolling out this technology to work with the Opal system in NSW.

Contactless payment and the Opal system

NSW commuters can use their Samsung phone to pay for trips on any Opal terminal that accepts credit or debit cards, including Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink Intercity rail services, light rail or on a Sydney Ferries service. Contactless payments are not yet available for Buses. Contactless fares are the same price as a standard (peak) Adult Opal fare for the same trip.

For a full overview of the Opal, Contactless payment system read GadgetGuy’s guide here.

ITy Bytes 11 April

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