iZ3D 22 inch gaming LCD monitor

The iZ3D gaming monitor is designed to allow long-time 3-dimensional viewing without fatigue or eyestrain, which iZ3D state is a key failing of previous systems.

Enhanced gaming

  • Most off the shelf games are already designed for 3D. Their game engines operate in a 3D space with varying physical properties created by the game engineers.
  • The special effects that take designers months or years to create in a 3D landscape are dulled down when translated to 2D.
  • The iZ3D enhances the escapism of the gaming experience by showing the user what is already built-in to the game they’re playing.
  • Unlike the iZ3D monitors, some other stereo viewing products on the market have restricted viewing angles that limit the 3D experience. The iZ3d gives you the optimum viewing angles without any loss of resolution.

How it works

  • Two overlaid LCD panels provide separate, polarized light inputs to each of your eyes when you’re wearing specially supplied 3D glasses (you get two pairs with your purchase). The net result is the impression of depth in the game.
  • The iZ3D work with the XP, Vista 32 and 64 bit operating systems. There is an open GL driver that can be purchased if required.
  • You must be running a graphics card with dual monitor support to drive each display individually. Appropriate cables come with the monitor.
  • You connect either two DVI ports or the VGA and DVI ports from your graphics card to the display.
  • Once installed, the monitor’s drivers and its software control panel let you adjust the 3D effects to suit your vision.
  • The 3D effect is toggled on/off using keyboard hotkeys.
  • A quick-start guide is provided to show you how to use the software control panel for best 3D results.
  • The monitor can also be used as a high quality 2D display.


  • Size: 22″ widescreen
  • Display resolution: 1680 x 1050
  • Viewing angle: 120/90 – wider than other systems
  • Response time: 5 ms
  • Brightness: 250 nit
  • Contrast: 700:1
  • Interface: Dual input 1xDVI, 1xDVI/VGA
  • Compatible with graphics card from both Nvidia and AMD/ATI

Price and availability

The iZ3D 22″ gaming LCD monitor has an RRP of $899.00.

They are available for delivery across Australia from VR Solutions, 4/19 Musgrave Street, West End, Queensland and 4101 Gamedude Computers, 3353 Pacific Hwy, Springwood, QLD.

What do users say about the iZ3D?

The Ubergizmo website (link opens in new window) reports that the monitor delivers a varying quality of 3D experiences game to game, and that in fast action scenes there can be a degree of screen blur. Ubergizmo also strongly makes the point that games that do not appear on the iZ3D supported games list (see next page) “have a very high chance of not working with the monitor, and might even crash the entire game”.

Source: iZ3D and GadgetGuy staff