Jacob’s Creek app asks how much wine you’re drinking

Not all wine glasses are created equal, and apparently, most people can’t work out exactly how much they’ve been drinking, which can result in not knowing how much has been imbibed over the course of a night. Fortunately, one wine maker has come up with a solution.

The first iPhone app of its kind, Jacob’s Creek “The Wine Line” is a neat camera-based app for the iPhone that looks at a glass of wine – essentially the one in front of you – has you trace the outline of the wine in the glass, enter the alcohol by volume amount, and voila: instant alcohol count, with a screen informing you of how many standard glasses (150ml) you’re taking in.

Released for free, we’re told that the app has been made not to sell wine, but rather to inform people about how much wine they’re actually drinking.

“Our business is strongly committed to promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol,” said Jean-Christophe Coutures, CEO of the Premium Wine Brands, the company that owns Jacob’s Creek, among other vineyards.

“We see it as our responsibility as a major producer of wine not only to communicate on this important topic, but to think creatively and develop innovative offerings to consumers.”

At the moment, the application is available only for iPhone on the Australians iTunes Store, though we’re told that an Android version could be coming soon.