James Cameron, NASA to record Mars in 3D

Feel like taking a trip to Mars? The man behind the hit movie “Avatar”, James Cameron, is working with NASA to bring that dream one step closer.

While NASA gets to work on sending the next Mars rover to the lonely red planet in 2011, Cameron has reportedly been in talks with the space administration to attach a 3D camera to the space faring vehicle.

Cameron’s past credits include the hit fictional titles “Titanic”,”Terminator 2: Judgement Day” and “Avatar” (yes, it’s a piece of fiction), but he’s also worked on numerous documentaries too, including the Imax 3D title “Ghost of the Abyss”.

An artist's rendering of the new Mars rover "Curiosity"
An artist’s rendering of the new Mars rover “Curiosity”

NASA’s original designs for the next rover (currently named “Curiosity”) had included a 3D camera, but the equipment was cut due to budget concerns. Cameron has, however, been working with NASA to develop a new 3D camera that can be attached to one of the arms of the new vehicle. Launching in 2011, this new mission will be responsible for finding out whether Mars can or has ever sustained life.

We’re not sure if a movie will emerge from this until at least 2012, but with James Cameron as part of the NASA science team for the next Mars mission, it’s likely to be the sort of film we’ll all be lining up to see in a few years.