James Dyson 2018 awards close 20 July. Aussie Peter Cheah sparking interest.

James Dyson 2018 awards
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The James Dyson 2018 Awards recognise budding ‘engineerpreneurs’ (engineer entrepreneurs). Applications close on 20 July. If you are like most engineers, you still have time to enter.

GadgetGuy covered the awards here. Full details on how to enter the James Dyson 2018 awards are in that article.

Already some entries have the man himself salivating at their ingenuity.

Aussie Peter Cheah, Industrial Design at Monash University, Australia is right up there with some of the top projects.

James Dyson 2018 Awards entries

Sustainable agriculture – Peter Chea, Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

James Dyson 2018 Awards

The United Nations claims that the world’s food supply in jeopardy. Why? Bee numbers are declining across the globe. The industry must develop alternative mechanisms for pollination. Stem is an automatic system which artificially pollinates plants and optimises their growth. Click here for more information.


James Dyson 2018 Awards

Our oceans are awash with eight millions tonnes of waste every year. To abate a potential crisis in our ecosystem, technology must react quickly. Spanish students think they may have the answer. L.I.F.E. (Living Incorporated Filter Ecosystem) will dissolve plastic waste, filter toxic water and foster life underwater. Click here for more information.

The future of work

James Dyson 2018 Awards

Mostly due to automation by 2030 some 800 million jobs may not exist. Already robots are competent in conducting physical activity. With the prevalence of injury in the manual labour sector, these jobs are most at risk.  EXOSUIT aims to empower human labour by correcting overexertion and incorrect lifting and maximising strength. Click here  for more information.

Space exploration

James Dyson 2018 Awards

From space colonisation to space tourism, Space and Exploration Technologies are increasingly de rigueur. Yet space exploration currently incurs a high-level of risk. Extravehicular activity (EVA) involves missions outside of a spacecraft, leaving astronauts vulnerable to all manner of unknown difficulties. Despite this, audio is the currently the principle method for communication. Astronaut Augmented Reality Display aims to make astronauts more autonomous during a mission. It provides them with new communications tools including a visual display, voice control and audio. Click here to find out more.

Air pollution

Over 7 million people (1.5 million children) die annually from chronic illnesses after exposure to air pollution. Robi, is a wearable device to educate children about air quality using colour, sound and vibration. It doubles as an air cleaner using a carbon filter. Click here to find out more.

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