James Dyson 2021 awards – looking for the next unknown inventor

The James Dyson 2021 awards

The James Dyson 2021 awards challenge inventive and entrepreneurial undergraduates and recent graduates of engineering and design to ‘Design something that solves a problem’.

Hey, if Sir James got his big break redesigning a vacuum imagine what the cream of Australia’s undergrads and recent grads can do. Build a better Kangaroo trap, I say.

All frivolity aside, the James Dyson Awards are unique. It brings young inventors to the international stage and helps identify issues that need solving.

Young people want to change the world. The Award supports them to do that, giving crucial funding, validation and a platform to launch their ideas. They are remarkably successful – 65% of international winners are commercialising their ideas against a backdrop where 90% of start-ups fail. I will be looking for radical inventions that challenge and question established thinking. Good luck!”

James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer at Dyson.
James Dyson Awards 2021

There are two A$52,000 global prizes: the International winner and the Sustainability winner. But first, each participating country and region will award a National winner ($3,500) and two National runners-up. Those that win a National accolade proceed to the international awarding stages.

Australian entries in 2021 will be judged by a talented line up of experienced industry figures, including Jane Waldburger, leading engineering executive and Olympian; Rae Johnston, Award-winning journalist and leading commentator on all things science and technology; and Alex Goad, founder of Reef Design Lab and the 2014 James Dyson Award Australian National Winner.

How to enter the James Dyson Awards 2021

Visit the website here.

 Discuss your concept with your university lectures and your team. There is no cost to try, but Sir James is looking for entries that can employ clever yet simple engineering principles and address obvious problems. As well as proving your project’s technical viability, a lot counts if it is commercially viable – so include any research you’ve done into manufacturing costs and retail prices.

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