Jamo A 405 HCS 5 5.1 speaker system

Jamo is Danish, so perhaps it isn’t surprising that the styling of its system is rather Scandinavian, if a little fussy to my eye. It has essentially a black cloth look, with chrome-like trim and metallic grey end caps on all the speakers.

Uniquely in this systems around this price, the front and surround speakers are different. The only apparent difference between the front left and right speakers and the centre speaker was the location and orientation of the Jamo badge, and the provision of a three-legged stand for the two upright speakers. All three score two 75mm bass midrange drivers and a 25mm soft dome tweeter. The much smaller surround satellites lose one of the larger drivers and about 70 percent of their length.

The surround channels also lose a couple of decibels of sensitivity.

Despite the stands, Jamo clearly intends wall mounting for these speakers since they all have integrated wall brackets that provide a degree of swivelling. The wiring arrangements are such as to try the patience of a saint, requiring the cable to be fed through an extremely small hole and then secured by spring clips. Only the thinnest of cables can handle this job.

The subwoofer uses a 203mm downwards firing driver with some 200 watts behind it.

Because of the challenging wiring arrangements, I ended up making an adaptor from my normal good-sized cables down to a small size that would fit into the spring clips (but not through the hole), leaving the end caps off. In a real installation, you will probably lose some power to resistance in thin cables.

On surround movies the system did a fine job thanks to its ability to soak up quite a lot of power from my home theatre receiver. It went loud, cleanly. With surround music mixed to provide full immersion, the limitations of the surround satellites became apparent, with them running out of capacity at higher volume levels.

Still, the imaging was good and the subwoofer offered plenty of volume, if not much bass extension.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Very good sound quality; Strong subwoofer; Good stereo and surround imaging
Some volume limitations; Awful cabling arrangement