Jamo i200

Reviewer: Alex Kidman

Jamo’s i200 Dock certainly wins points with us for simplicity; it’s essentially two speakers (in iPod white or black, naturally) with a central grey chunk in the middle. Push back on the chunk, and hey presto – instant iPod dock. The i200 is on the light side, but it’s rather uniquely also wall mountable if permanency is one of your key criteria.

The i200’s simplicity continues through to its remote control, which manages to look almost entirely unlike a remote control, and almost entirely like a digital thermometer. It’s certainly memorable, and pretty easy to use, too. That’s a good thing, as the controls on the i200 are rather bafflingly placed on the rear of the unit, and are small and rather hard to use even if the i200 isn’t wall mounted. We can’t imagine they’d even be accessible on a wall-mounted i200.

This isn’t the most feature-rich iPod dock out there – you won’t find alarm clock operation, or media streaming facilities from or to the i200 – but it does redeem itself with very good sound quality, which surprised us, as it’s a rather light unit, and we expected a bit of vibration distortion. It was only at top volume that we managed this – and to be honest, every single dock in our tests distorted to an extent at top volume anyway. Predictably, bass tones were on the semi-absent side, although the i200 does offer the rare facility to connect an external subwoofer from the side of the i200.

By the time you read this, a slightly updated model of the i200 should be on the market, according to Jamo’s Australian distributor; the primary difference should be the addition of radio capabilities.

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Good sound, nice remote control, optional subwoofer connectivity.
Poor on-board controls, lacking in additional features.