If you’re someone who is a heavy mobile phone user, and are called upon to make and take calls in sometimes noisy environments, the Jawbone Prime Bluetooth headset might be for you.

The key thing about the Jawbone Prime is that it has some pretty clever noise reduction technology built in. The technology is military-grade, and is called Noise Assassin. It uses a Voice Activity Sensor to isolate the sound of your voice from external noise, and then uses proprietary Digital Signal Processing technology to filter external sound and throw your voice down the line, so that the person you’re talking to hears pretty much only your voice.

Below is a video of the Jawbone in action. Yes, it’s pretty much an ad, but I’ve seen a live demo of the Jawbone, and the real-life demo matches the effectiveness shown in the ad. So, to the video…

Jawbone video demo



The punny names might not be to the taste of all, but the product works well, looks good if you can carry, or don’t care about, the chunk of hardware hanging off one ear. And if you do get one, take note of all the thought that’s gone into the packaging – it’s treasure trove meets puzzle.

Price and availability

The Jawbone Prime, including the EarCandy colour options, have an RRP of $159. At the time of writing they’re available at Dick Smith, Optus and Telstra stores, Leading Edge Telecoms, Telechoice. More stores will be added to this list – for one the Apple retail and online stores are expected to be added shortly.


  • Weight: 10 grams with earbuds, 9 grams without
  • Talk time: up to 4.5 hours
  • Standby time: More than 8 days
  • Range: 10 metres
  • Charging: 80% charge in 35 minutes, 100% charge in about an hour
  • Supports multipoint: pairs with up to 8 devices, with 2 simultaneous connections
  • Bluetooth versions: supprts 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1 + EDR