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In comparison, the Up 2 is thin and flexible, barely noticeable rubber with the gadget in the middle, and is now a one-size-fits-all design that can work on wrists of all sizes, compared to the requirement for separate small, medium, and large variants in the past.


In fact, the improvements to the technology on this one have allowed Jawbone to make it 45 percent smaller than the Up 24, which should impress people who tire of the size of the original.

“We are excited to launch Up 2 globally as the stylish successor to Up 24, taking up less space on the wrist while still delivering the same advanced features that our users love,” said Travis Bogard, Jawbone’s Vice President of Product Management and Strategy.

“At an affordable price, we believe it is a best-in-class wearable appealing to the largest sector of the market.”

And that price is $149, which put its a little above its Jawbone Up Move brother, and yet below the expect RRP of the Up 3, which will arrive later this year for $249.


Two colours can be found in this one model, with grey or black provided from day one, and while the Up 2 looks like an Up 3, it’s more like an Up 24 than anything else, offering a three-axis accelerometer, seven-day rechargeable battery, and three LEDs on a lightly built capacitive touch screen allowing you to tap it to get it working.

As for availability, you’ll find Jawbone’s Up 2 in stores shortly for $149, and a review online soon from us, too. And if you’re after that Up 3, we’re told that shouldn’t be too much longer, with a few more months of waiting only.