Jays gets “U” into on-ear headphones

Swedish earphone maker may have spent the best part of its life making earphones, but it’s not settling for just what goes inside the ear, crafting something that sits on the outside, too.

This week, Jays is announcing that it will be going outside of what it normally is known for, figuratively and literally, showing off the “U-Jays”.

The headphones are a first for Jays, which have been all about earphones — you know, the sort that go in the ear — since the company started making its wares almost ten years ago.

“We asked ourselves, how do we create a pair of great sounding headphones that are comfortable to wear and durable in aesthetics?” said Mårten Sahlén Product Designer at Jays. “After two years of development, through countless iterations of design and engineering, we are exceptionally happy with the result.”


The result is the U-Jays, a series of headphone with a spring steel headband, 40 mm neodymium speaker, and acoustic tuning filter sets up all around the speaker to distribute the same sound evenly. Ear cushions will be interchangeable and replaceable, with the wiring built into a stainless steel core to better protect them.

And compatibility should extend to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, thought that will likely happen with a cable made either for Apple’s phones, or that of Android and Windows, similar to what we saw in the A-Jays Five.

As for pricing and availability, we have neither confirmed officially at this time, though the current expectation is that this won’t cost under $300 in Australia, and we’re not likely to see the headphones until later this year.

If you can wait, you’ll probably see the U-Jays in store around September or October.