While Sony, Samsung and Microsoft battle it out in the streaming media arena, one of Australia’s largest retailers of music has decided to join in.

Launched today, Australians can now try out “Now”, a new service designed to bring another library of music to your ears without needing to fork out for every disc under the sun.

The first month of the beta is free for everyone, though after this initial trial period, customers will have to fork out for either a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription to listen to the music.

Playing with it today, we found the experience responsive and easy to use. No extra plugins are required and it’s nice to see JB not using Flash for its service. In fact, the service runs natively in a web browser, so you only need to log in.

Once you start trying it out, you’ll find five sections to explore, a search bar, and a music play-bar sitting on the bottom of your browser at all times gradually going through your selections.

It's not hard to guess what the search bar does.

The search bar is exactly what it sounds like: a search box allowing you to go through the JB Hi-Fi Now library and find tracks.