JB Hi-Fi’s Now streams with the best of them, just not on your mobile

Possibly the most interesting section Now has to offer is “Discover”, breaking up music into icon-based genres and sub-genres, all the while offering albums for you to try out. While there can be some overlap, it’s an interesting way of letting customers try music types they’ve probably never heard of or have wanted to try for ages.

You can always switch to a list if the icons are too much for you, but with a layout like this, we’d stick with the squares. It’s just more fun.

Now's "Discover" section is a fun way to look at music genres you've been itching to explore.

Overall, the library isn’t too bad for a launch title. JB claims millions of tracks available through the 100,000 or so artists, although we were able to find albums missing that other streaming services had. In playback, you can easily move albums across the left and right to change the order of your playlist easily.

Surprisingly, Now lacks the ability to run on a mobile platform. While the beta has launched this week, JB won’t be releasing any mobile apps to access the system until next year, meaning the only customers able to try it out have to do so on a desktop, notebook, or tablet.

Even though the system uses the universally friendly HTML5, any mobile access the service will be greeted with “Sorry. JB Hi-Fi Now is not available on mobile phones.”

JB Hi-Fi's Now doesn't really like tablets.

Tablets can see the service, although it’s clear that the design has larger screens in mind, with buttons and options not quite fitting to where they should be.

We’re honestly not sure how many people use their web browsers to listen to music, especially since other streaming music services are all available on mobile platforms.

Right now, JB Hi-Fi is a good concept with some nice interface designs, although we’d seriously like to see the platform work on something that won’t tie us to our desks.

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