JBL Link BAR brings Android TV to Australia


If you ware contemplating purchasing a soundbar you may just want to wait for JBL Link BAR. It’s the first Android TV-powered soundbar and it is getting international rave reviews.

Praise like the ‘Ultimate Android TV soundbar’ and ‘Google Assistant comes to the living room in a big way’ describe early reviews.

The JBL Link BAR was unveiled at Google I/O and is coming here in October 2018. Why is it so popular?

It turns any TV, regardless of make or model, into a Smart TV. Just by saying “Hey Google,” you’ll open the door to a world of programming available hands-free through Android TV.

It does not hurt that GadgetGuy was so impressed with the sound from its 3.1 and 5.1 Bar earlier this year either.

The concept is to have Android TV in the 100W BAR and use the TV panel or monitor to display Android TV. It also has an optional 200W woofer, full Bluetooth connectivity, IR remote, and of course OK Google. It has four 4K passthrough HDMI ports as well.


GadgetGuy’s take. JBL Link BAR turns any TV or monitor into Android TV

I use Android TV on a recent Sony 4K UHD TV. It is a competent although not elegant TV operating system. Its functionality has been vastly improved markedly over the past few months.

The attraction is that it adds Android TV functionality like Google Assistant, apps and so much more to a TV. It can turn on the TV, dim the lights, check programs and access content from a vast array of sources.

Just as the remote control changed TV viewing habits this open system will change TV viewing.


It is available in the US for pre-order at US$399